New digital project with compacer.

For the first time compacer presents itself as partner of BURKHARDT+WEBER at the AMB. The occasion is a joint project, in which compacer equips BW-machines with an IIoT-solution.

The target of the project is to integrate the compacer IIoT-solution in all machining centres manufactured by BURKHARDT+WEBER in the long term. BW wants to provide the best possible conditions to their customers for the implementation of upcoming digitalisation projects.

By installing the compacer IIoT-gateways, the BW-machines will be able to provide a wide range of data for in-depth analysis of the state of the machines and their performance.

“We are very pleased to present this joint project to the public for the first time at the AMB”, says Benjamin Rother, Manager Electrical Design at BURKHARDT+WEBER. “By integrating the compacer IIoT-solution, we not only added value to our systems, but also laid the foundation for new digital business models. This step is an important milestone towards Predictive Maintenance.”