BW goes digital.

New application available.

How productive is your machine?
Do you know if your machine uses all its potential?

We help you find this out with our new application that informs you about the real-time status of your machine. Thus, you can analyse when your machine is active and when it is not working.

 With this visualization of machine availability you are able to give notice about the status of your machine and find out trends. You have direct access to it via the operating panel or online on mobile devices. Even the integration of different machine types is possible.

By analysing these information you are able to reduce downtimes and problems can be solved more specifically. This effective tracking and the aimed elimination of downtime causes can improve your machine availability by 15%. In the long-term this helps to derive if-then-decisions in terms of predictive maintenance.

Start now into the digital era - with this modest investment – and increase your machine availabilty. This starting-package can be extended regularly by adding new modules.

Our Sales and Service Team is pleased to give you detailed information.